Note - lcopt-cv requires the lcopt and brightway2 packages to be installed, and for lcopt to be set up with ecoinvent 3.3 cutoff

The best way to install lcopt-cv is to use the conda package. The command is:

conda install -y -q -c conda-forge -c cmutel -c haasad -c pjamesjoyce lcopt-cv

One additional dependency isn’t available as a conda package and needs to be installed separately using pip. Here is the command:

pip install opencv-python

If you already had lcopt installed and set up - that’s it. If not you need to set up lcopt to talk to brightway.

Full instructions on how to do this are in the lcopt documentation

The short version is

  • Download the file called ecoinvent 3.3_cutoff_ecoSpold02.7z from the ecoinvent website

  • Unzip the file using 7zip and make a note of the path of the datasets folder

  • Run the following command:

    lcopt-bw2-setup path/to/ecospold/files # use "" if there are spaces in your path

This will generate the lcopt template databases in brightway2 so that you can analyse your LCA models.